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Toilet training Advice

Using a potty is a new skill for your child to learn. It's best to take it slowly and go at your child's pace. Being patient with them will help them get it right. Here are some tips to help you get your child's toilet training journey started...
Is your child ready?
When you feel your child is ready have a chat with their key person and we will work alongside the child and family to enable potty training to be established both at home and within the nursery. 
Your child might be ready to start potty/toilet training if they are showing an awareness of having a wet or soiled nappy. 
At Banana Moon, we find potty training usually starts around the age of 24/30 months in the Toddler room but is individual for each child and may happen slightly earlier or later. Whatever happens, always follow the child’s lead and if they are not ready to use the potty or toilet do not force them, just try again at a later time. 
At Banana Moon, every child is given the option to sit on the potty/toilet as part of their nappy changing routine. This is to familiarise them with the potty/toilet and to establish a routine in place. You should also introduce the potty/toilet to your child at home.
How can you help your child to be ready?
Talk to your child about nappy changes about having wet or soiled nappies-this will help them to start to make a connection about their bodily functions.
Place some nappies, toilet paper, and potties to encourage role-play and talk to your child about using the potty/toilet. 
As a family read picture-based books about potty training alongside your child to enable them to gain a basic understanding of what you will be expecting from them when your start potty training them. 
At Banana Moon, the children read books alongside their key person during circle time to develop their understanding of potty training and props are available in the environment to support toilet-training awareness. 
How do I encourage my child with toilet training? 
Remember to make potty training fun and exciting for your child. This will make your child happy and relaxed to sit on the potty. 
Within the toddler room, your child’s key worker will take your child to the bathroom every 20/30 minutes, and we recommend that a similar routine is followed at home.

To get into a routine you should your child to the potty/toilet when they wake up in the morning and every 20/30 minutes throughout the day. Take your child 1 hour before bedtime. 
At Banana Moon, your child’s key person always uses positive praise for children's potty training even if it is just for sitting on the potty. 
Praising and rewarding your child will also help to enable a smooth transition from nappies to pull-ups/pants. 
The child can be praised for simple things like: 
·        Getting themselves dressed independently.
·        Washing/drying their hands after using the potty/toilet. 
·        Sitting on the potty/toilet. 
During potty, training accidents will take place. This is a part of the potty-training process. Remember to praise your child for trying even when their pants are NOT clean as this may demotivate your child as they may feel they are not getting it right. 
Positive praise allows your child to achieve rather than focus on setbacks. Remember to motivate your child to keep going and encourage learning and development towards the next steps of their potty-training journey. 
Is your child drinking enough water? 
When thinking of beginning the toilet training journey it is often a misconception that you should limit the amount of fluid your child drinks. Children should drink 6-8 cups of water throughout the day to help their bladder get full and strong to enable them to respond to the urge of going on the potty/toilet. 
At Banana Moon children are given water throughout the day during snacks and mealtimes as well as throughout the day. Water jugs and cups are displayed at the children’s level to encourage their self-help and independence skills. 

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