Welcome to the world of ‘the mud kitchen’

Welcome to the world of ‘the mud kitchen’. Having a mud kitchen is priceless, the possibilities are endless, and obviously the ‘enjoyment’ factor are reasons enough to invest in one. Here at Banana Moon we were lucky enough to have ours made by us by one of our practitioners Father-in-Law… We have been taking advantage of the beautiful weather this week and have had endless ‘cups of tea and coffee’ ‘cakes’ and ‘picnics’ with our kitchen. We have been developing the children’s problem solving, cooperative play together and generally using our beautiful outdoor area to our advantage. Take a look at some of the fabulous snapshots of our week with plenty more to come with ‘summer’ on it’s way.

DSC01535 DSC01507 DSC01532 DSC01543 DSC01531 DSC01545 DSC01562 DSC01564